Products & Services

Production Lines

TEMICOAT combines the deep expertises of Temicon in the field of UV-Nanoimprint equipment, tools and processes and Coatema in building reliable coating, printing and laminating equipment for full production lines as well as for upscale from lab to fab. The flexible platform strategy of roll-to-roll and roll-to-plate lines with working widths between 100 mm and more than 1000 mm allows adapted solutions for different Nanoimprint and Nanostructuring requirements.

Imprint Tools

Customized micro- and nanostructured sleeves are exactly adapted for the application in the TEMICOAT UV-Nanoimprint equipment. The sleeves are made by different mastering techniques and electroforming of nickel. Usually, flat masters and shims are produced and finally laser welded to a sleeve. The development of next generation sleeves is already ongoing. These sleeves will be seamless, offering highest efficiency and new fields of application for patterned films.

Chemistry & Materials

Printing micro- and nanostructures into a UV-curing resin results into functional structures with high quality and accuracy. Within the TEMICOAT brand a broad family of UV-curing lacquers adjusted to many different materials such as PET, PC, PMMA and glass is available. Formulation properties like viscosity, chemical resistivity, environmental stability, scratch resistance and optical behavior will be designed following the customer’s requirements.

Processes & Guarantees

Large- format UV-imprint combines two major advantages that are needed for a successful replication technology: High accuracy in replicating micro-and nanostructures and the potential for high volume- and low cost mass production. TEMICOAT is a technology platform with a huge choice of materials and processes. It offers adjusted roll-to-roll and roll-to-plate UV-Nanoimprint processes and provides a final product guarantee to customers. For details please contact one of our TEMICOAT experts.


R&D center
Proving the process is the key to convince customers and to provide trusted technology. Therefore, we are proud to present and to open our R&D center for customer trials and small series production to our existing and prospective customers.

Roll-to-Roll and Roll-to-Plate UV-Imprint testing lines are available
and can be applied for testing projects. Experienced engineering and chemical experts serve as a reliable partner for your process development, coating practice and project realization.

Customization and Engineering
Special requirements need special expertise. The joint TEMICOAT team provides expert knowledge and engineering services allowing our customers to gain a competitive advantage.