TEMICOAT | A strong joint brand of temicon and Coatema

Micro- and Nanotechnology specialists temicon GmbH and Coatema GmbH have announced their joint release of TEMICOAT as a new brand of their joint activities in the field of nanoimprinting and nanostructuring machinery. TEMICOAT will be introduced for the first time to the public during LOPEC 2016 exhibition in Munich.

temicon and Coatema, both technological leaders in their industry, have joined their experiences in the brand TEMICOAT in order to provide the technologically most advanced nanoimprinting and nanostructuring coating lines to customers on international scale.

TEMICOAT will exhibit and provide live demos at LOPEC 2016, the world’s most prestigious event and congress for printed electronics and organic largearea electronic coatings. temicon holds a uniquely deep expertise in the field of nanoimprinting tools and machinery. Coatema has more than 40 years of engineering experience and is technologically leading in manufacturing precise coating, printing and laminating lines.

The new brand TEMICOAT combines the advantages and experiences of both companies to deliver the most advanced and most reliable nanoimprinting turnkey solutions and guaranteed products. Visitors interested in seeing live production of nanoimprinting and nanostructuring coating lines are kindly invited to visit the Demonstration Line at the LOPEC in Munich from April 6th to April 7th, 2016 (hall B0, booth 405).

For a free invitation for LOPEC please contact TEMICOAT: or phone +49.231.477 30-550.