About us



temicon GmbH is the leading producer of high-quality micro- and nanostructured products serving as key components for applications like lighting, display, life science, solar technology and environmental engineering. The young and growing technology enterprise with today more than 40 employees at the two sites in Dortmund and Freiburg has established a unique technology platform for micro- and nanostructure technology aspects. The company uses lithographic processes, thin-film technologies, electroforming, injection molding, R2R- and R2P-technologies for the production of micro- and nanostructures – with special focus on large size patterning and serial production.



Founded in 1974, Coatema GmbH is the market leader in coating, printing and laminating technology. Over 40 years of experience in manufacturing of coating, printing and laminating machines and in providing the most advanced scale-up solutions from lab to fab for emerging industries (e.g. solar, printed electronics, fuel cells, batteries, biomed) make it a renown constant in the industry. The proprietary R&D center allows to develop and to test all targeted processes and coating steps in production-near environment. Coatema provides advanced lab solutions as well as state-of-art full production lines.

Dr. Oliver Humbach
CEO temicon GmbH

“The new brand TEMICOAT set new standards in the field of UV Roll-Imprint technology for micro- and nanoscale patterns. In Coatema we have found the right partner to combine expertises of equipment, process and tooling technology providing a unique one-stop-shop.”

Dr. Andreas Giessmann
CEO Coatema GmbH

“TEMICOAT is the perfect solution for highly advanced and ultra-precise nanostructured products and manufacturing machinery. The cooperation with temicon boosts our coating, printing and laminating processes to a new level of cost efficient high-end nanotechnology like never seen before and highly demanded by the market.”


TEMICOAT strives to be the technological leader of nanoimprinting coating machinery in order to reflect the latest client demand. Our goal is to provide TurnKey solutions and be a reliable full-service provider.



Technical leader in nanoimprinting machinery

  • Competitive and high-quality products and technologies,
  • Providing sustainable solutions and innovations based on micro- and nanotechnology,
  • Playing a vital role in a wide range of emerging sectors,
  • Be an expert in the world of nano-structuring machinery products,
  • Provide all stages of the production chain,
  • Knowledge is the key element of the joint cooperation.

Project partner with our customers

  • Meet high demand of customers,
  • Products and services are crucial,
  • Strive for long-term relationships,
  • Reliability ensures client confidence,
  • Long-lasting business partnerships.

Joint core competences

  • Combining the strong skills of both companies,
  • Build reliable relations with the clients,
  • Strong service and after sales,
  • Creating value for the competitive advantage of our customers.


Worldwide Service Network

More than 20 worldwide dependencies ensure fast and reliable service in the neighborhood of our international customers. For us it is important to provide reliable and technologically advanced solutions. In case of any service needed we typically react within 24 hours and provide efficient online and on-site service. All our partners are regularly trained and have a deep understanding and technological knowledge of our technology.